Founder’s Story


When I was a young boy I had a dream. This vision at night came to me many times.

I was running through the depths of this vivid jungle. I was singing, dancing, butterflies surrounded me, and birds chirping all around the abyss in harmonic ways. There was a warm light of the suns rays gleaming on my face. As I gazed around to the trees, flowers of lavender blossomed, I realized in a spiritual sense that we were all singing the same harmonious song. At that point I saw the energies of the universe laughing as I could see my life’s purpose & journey in the horizon.

As I proceeded further into this peaceful destiny in my dreams, it lead me to stand in front of a black ghostly mountain. It’s peak souring past the cloud line. As I stood at the bottom with no way around I realized I could not go any further. What started as a hum with the universe now turned into dark, gloomy obstacle in my path.

I searched and explored these dark cold corners at the base of its peak. After what seamed to be an eternity in my dream I finally found a hole in the mountain. It was a small wet tunnel full of mud and cold water. I had to crawl on my hands and knees. I was surrounded by complete darkness and extreme conditions that tested my perseverance to its breaking point. The further into this tunnel I went, the raw skin on my hands and knees started to become tender. Deeper and deeper I went in. My hands and feet started to get cuts on them and bleed. My body was shivering from the cold. After hours of crawling I saw a small point of light, no larger than a pinhead. I kept crawling in that direction and the point of light became bigger and bigger. As I stepped out of this darkness it lead me to a tavern behind a waterfall. The water was warm and had a special glow to it. As I walked through it I looked where I was. I was standing in a beautiful valley. An aurora surrounded me that gave me a sense of peace. The energy was serene and quiet. I saw people walking with lions, a 90 years old man playing football with young kids, there was no illness, no anger, no greed. Only happiness, harmony with nature, and love. As that feeling encompassed myself internally the dream come to end.


As my human journey continued in life I remembered my dream many years later. I had déjà vu when I set foot for the first time in this magical valley. The dream became more vivid the longer I walked around the land. This dream and my life journey has led me here. The magical abyss where we now are going to build Amoria Resorts.

Amoria will be a Garden of Eden and a safe oasis of peace high up in the mountains. A piece of the world where people can go to re-find themselves internally. A spiritual oasis where we as spiritual beings that live the human experience can connect with one’s self. Where we can heal each other and restore the connection with the divine multidimensional beings we are. Healing the wounds of many life experiences to then transform them from sadness to joy and from anger to love.

It’s been an extremely long & challenging journey to get all the licences to construct this project. The future of Amoria is located in a valley next to a beautiful aqua blue lake. I was obliged to look for water on our own land hidden somewhere in the taverns of these mountains. After extensive research we discovered it. An abundance of healing natural mineral water coming from 8 underground rivers running from the Pyrenees mountains through our valley to the Mediterranean sea.

We understand that water is the new gold. We protect our interests from the energies and identities driven by selfishness and greed. With our passion for love and healing we see a bright future ahead. We believe we beat all hatred with love. The vision from my dreams is now in the horizon. Victory is in the making to offer a place of solitude and peace for us all. Within a few years from now we all can enjoy a paradise here in this multidimensional earth realm. It’s my life’s journey to accomplish this and the omens of the universe have lead me to this point talking to you, the reader, about this story. We are all scientists trying to make sense of the stars inside us and once we realize our true power, we will live in peace with all chakras aligned.

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